Advanced Marketing Automation

Easy-to-use all-in-one marketing software to help you attract the right audience and convert them to customers with forms, popups, landing pages, templates, email nurturing, and automations.

Grow Your Business Faster & Smarter With These Advanced Capabilities ...

More Analytics

Measure and improve all campaigns and marketing elements.

Customer Journey

See your lead and customer journeys. Campaigns, forms, offers, emails…

More Automations

Use advanced automations to increase engagement and conversions to sales.


Customize webpages and CTAs messaging based upon campaigns or specific users.


Customize funnel marketing flows based upon campaigns or sources.


Use behavior-based email automation to increase conversions to sales.

Marketing Analytics...


An overview of all traffic, contacts, leads, popups, landing page visits, emails, experiments, and much more...


By sequence, broadcasts, automations...track sending, opens, bounces, clicks and more.

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Track Everything
SaturnOne allow you to track every detail and interaction from website visits and interactions to emails.

Customer Journey

Do you know your leads and customers’ experience? No more guessing! In one simplified and unified timeline, you can easily see their experiences from initial visits to trial milestones. 

See campaigns, referring sources, pages visited, CTAs, popups, landing pages, forms filled out, emails sent, emails opened, email clicks, trial mile milestones, conversion events, and so much more.

With our customer journeys, you can:

Add Their Name
Webpage Content
Add a blurb about their company.


Get more engagement and conversions with website personalization.


2x or more your conversions with personalized opt-ins and messages.

Experiments & Funnels

A lot goes into setting up, tracking, and testing funnels or experiments – not to mention the hefty prices and valuable time spent.

With SaturnOne’s easy-to-use tools to can build and test funnels FAST. With the block of buttons change and swap out:

To Test Messaging & Campaigns

A Funnel in Saturn Funnels