“Aha Moment!” for a SaaS

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One of the important milestones in the use of SaaS is when your user experiences the “Aha Moment!”  This is most especially important in turning trial users into customers. It is important to measure this and get potential customers, such as trial users, to this moment as fast as possible to grow your SaaS.

What is an “Aha Moment!”? 

“Aha Moment!” is that moment when the customer encounters the “real value” of your SaaS; the moment they’ll tell themselves “this software solves my problem.”

It happens like a light bulb! Like, “Aha! This will improve my life!”

“Aha moments!” are:

  • Moments when your customer clearly sees the importance of your SaaS with respect to their own lives, its benefit to them. This, often, is the reason why they purchase and become your customer. 
  • The instant your SaaS’s value is ingrained in your user; meaning, their problem is solved. This assures that your customer will stay and later on become advocates. Ultimately, churn and customer acquisition costs (CAC) is reduced as word-of-mouth increases.

What does “Aha Moments!” provide?

Moment of Clarity

Since the “Aha Moment!” is the time when your users realize why your company’s product is valuable, it will not only pique their interest to take a quick look. More importantly, it will clear clouds of doubts in them about your product- that it can improve their lives, their job, or their business.  

Opportunity for Customer Loyalty

“Aha Moments!” can start a loyal customer base. This will serve as a living testimonial about how great your SaaS is and can even recommend it to colleagues and friends. When your service fulfills a critical role in your customers’ lives, they are left feeling smart about purchasing it over other competitors. This positive feeling towards your company and product will sow you benefits in the long run.

Product Development

A well-defined and managed “Aha Moment!” for your SaaS company can serve as a means for the company to create new programs that can be made to accompany the existing products and services for added customer loyalty and retention. It can also allow for a more controlled and successful means of income generation and customer retention.

Marketing Strategies

Once you fully understand your user’s “aha moment” you can use this in your marketing and sales to better convert passive leads and browsers into active prospects and trial users. Use this value in your messaging to great effect.


Whether free-trial users or a paying customer, guide them to the “aha moment” as fast as possible. This will convert more trials to customers and keep users more active and engaged faster…happy users. 

Why is “Aha Moment!” important?

Since SaaS are purely web-based, the customers’ interests should be piqued, and their attention directly captured through a satisfying experience. This is what makes “Aha Moment!” extremely important- it leaves a lasting impact.

This is the exact reason why they will continue to use and pay for your service. 

Simply, customers equal revenue.

  1. Convert from free-trial users into customers.
  2. Increases usage and engagement early thus reducing churn and lowering CAC.
  3. Customers recommend your software more freely with a clear “aha moment”..

“Aha Moment!” is a completely personal experience of the customer because it is at this moment that the user will see the connection between their needs and the product they are looking at. Each SaaS will have a unique “Aha Moments,” or several, which most often are dependent on the degree of need with respect to the target market’s problems. Without a doubt, this is a huge factor that can greatly affect their perception of your company and your service. The path to this lightbulb moment will determine if a user will:

  1. Come back to relive the experience;
  2. Continue to use your service;
  3. Pay for it, or not. 

Another means of nurturing “Aha moments!” is using apps that can guide users towards their very own personal positive experience. There are companies that use live chats, where customers can easily reach out to solve their issues. Definitely, this will make the experience more personal because the solutions will be tailored to his or her needs at that particular moment. Through live chats, company personnel have a way of providing data and answers to inquiries even before they get to a realization that they need it. This means arriving at “Aha moments!” is a seamless and comfortable method. If this is your case, it can encourage users to choose you over other viable options. 

A user-friendly interface magnets user because it is an organized way of using and accessing your services.

Majority of companies, however, agree that the most effective means of nurturing “Aha moments!” is using email sequences. With Saturn Funnels, there is the element of constantly reaching out to customers. Definitely, these are the simplest ways to generate, nurture, and convert “Aha moments!”

The Importance of Getting A Trial/User Fast

“Aha Moments!” ensure that new customers will stay and use your product, long-term. 

An “Aha Moment!” does not have a specific timeline with respect to “when it could happen.” It can be immediately or may take some time and effort to achieve. Generally speaking, it is directly proportional to the users’ progress in terms of discovering the gold in your SaaS.

What can you do to speed-up your customers’ “Aha Moments?” 

Automation in both onboarding and behavior-based emails will accelerate your customers’ arrival at this milestone.

Here are the specific ways of guiding your customers’ to their “Aha moments!”:

  • Time based email nurturing
  • In app tours
  • Behavior-based nurturing 
  • Guided onboarding
  • Concierge onboarding…you do much of the work for the customer
  • Sample data to demonstrate value faster

Again, the faster and easier users are guided to their “aha moments,” the more likely they will choose you over a competitor, who’s offering a user experience that is not as fluid, simple, and personal as yours.

Examples of “Aha Moments!” from other Companies

Several companies have had experiences with aha moments and they affirm the important role that it plays in their businesses. As such, these companies have continuously found ways to generate and nurture aha moments in their customers.

Also, aha moments of the customers can lead the companies to a better way of showcasing, developing, and presenting their products.


Their customers’ first “Aha Moments!” happens when the customers realize that by using Trainual, they can be completely hands-off in onboarding new employees. Trainual pushes employees to become productive while updating themselves with policies and best practices.


As an email automation platform for eCommerce, services, and B2B companies, their “Aha Moment!” is when their customers use their product and realize that campaigns can be easily put-together and published instantly for the target audience to see. This eliminates worries on the side of the users, who are often afraid about creating a campaign. Generally, campaigns involve technical skills and difficult processes, so getting a tool that simplifies everything is huge. The easy way of creating an active campaign makes the customer realize the value of this company.

Scraper API

The company can get you a webpage’s HTML with an API call- this is their customers’ “Aha Moment!” Not only scrappy HTML, but access to a reliable and sophisticated proxy network. from the company can handle hundreds of millions of requests.  Their biggest secret is their simple and fluid user experience.


Ordermark is an online order management platform for restaurants, which has proven its worth during this Covid-19 era. The “Aha Moment!” is when restaurant owners realize that they can manage different social media platforms and organize their operations efficiently and hassle-free. The customers, beforehand, are made aware that going online need not be difficult or complex and that if they use Ordermark, they can also reach out to customers they don’t typically interact with. As such, aside from realizing that they can easily manage and organize their business online, the customer also realizes that they can also generate more income when they use Ordermark.

Saturn Funnels’ Cohort Analysis for your “Aha Moments!”

At this point, I’d like to introduce to you a systematic, data driven, method to discover your user’s “aha moment” — the use of cohort analysis with Saturn Funnels.

Saturn Funnels’ customers’ “Aha Moments!” is converting customers through a lifecycle marketing automation platform with unified analytics.

Our service is specifically designed for SaaS companies. You can use the cohort analysis to analyze your user’s in-app-behaviors, which you can then use to trigger nurture automations. It will use data that has been generated from your app over time and compare cohorts, i.e., trial users that did not convert vs trial users that did convert. With Saturn Funnels, you can use Cohort analysis for these three principal benefits: 

  1. Discover what your customers’ primary feature trigger is. 
  2. Use trigger points to push for “Aha Moments!”
  3. Show customers’ need hierarchy and respond to it accordingly.

Saturn Funnels event and cohort analysis tools will help you pinpoint these “aha moments!” enabling you to find the best methods to nurture and convert.

In the long run, this will provide you with means to ensure that, consistently, new customers are created, income is generated, and company standing is boosted. 


Without a doubt, in every SaaS business, the “aha moment” is extremely important. It is when a user becomes a paying customer after a trial, indicating that they have seen enough of the product or service to decide that it is worth the investment. 

It is an emotional moment, and it is impactful enough to make a very powerful impression that will stick to the user and make them keep coming back for more…subscribing to your software continually.  Finding your product’s “aha moment!” and improving your ways to make it happen faster is not an easy task. When a user first subscribes to your product, they will start looking for ways in which it will be of value to them and how it can solve an immediate need or even a want. Usually, they have an idea of what the value will be, and if your marketing and your overall “messaging” does its trick, they will understand your core value proposition and will want to experience it. 

Once the moment clicks and they realize that they can benefit from your product or service, there is your “aha moment!” It is a switch that turns an evaluating customer into a consumer.  

To have more customers and less churned ones, it is important to know which actions, events or parts of the products or service that triggered the “aha moment!” in them. This will allow you to make a more tailored onboarding experience. And this is where we get into the picture!

We will make your lives better by pinpointing the triggers!

With our Cohort Analysis, you can now create personalized journeys for your customers. 

And of course, users who decided to be consumers are not the only ones who can give you an idea on what to improve on. Churned users, the ones who did not reach their “Aha moment!” can also provide you with an insight into what you need to adjust.

Saturn One has got you the winning strategy.

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