SaaS Automation Tools

One tool for SaaS specific marketing automation to boost trial conversions and reduce churn.

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From the moment a subscriber shows interest in your free trial, Saturn Funnels will instantly initiate your activation phase by sending relevant and engaging on-boarding emails.

The engagement from our intricate email drip sequence will help your customers appreciate the uniqueness and problem-solving ability of your SaaS product until it becomes part of their schedule. All these are facilitated by both our smart lists and drip sequences.

What email sequences can you build?

Pre-Built Email Sequences

Capturing leads is a progressive process and the contacts are often in different stations of a funnel. 

Saturn Funnels’ smart lists will segment your users based on their positions in the funnels to make sure that they will receive the right email at the right time. You’ll never have to worry because our pre-built email drip sequences are designed to cater to the specific needs and business model of SaaS companies. 


A Funnel in Saturn Funnels

A lot goes into setting up, tracking, and testing funnels to market your SaaS product – not to mention the hefty prices and valuable time spent.

Building a blog post in our free trial funnel will never be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly.  Saturn Funnels will remove all the hassles and replace it with simple and engaging visual tools.

We fully understand that SaaS companies generate positive ROI over an extended period of time. Saturn Funnels, here to help, offers the best way to thrive by capturing leads, converting them into happy customers, and retaining them. 

What funnels can you build?

We have Pre-Made Funnel Templates!

Yes, you read it right! 

You can either select from our funnel templates OR customize your own,  depending on your marketing model and desired performance indicators. You can now say goodbye to lost traffic, blockages in the funnel, and broken links. 

Saturn Funnels will facilitate easy, precise, and flowing funnels that can get you your desired results.

Make your life easier and set your focus on what really matters – growing your SaaS product and customer base.

Trial Automation

Convert more trials with Saturn Funnels. 

Our suite of tools allows you to measure milestones, activation (that “Aha Moment”), and manage automations to increase conversions!

Churn Automation

Keep more subscribers by engaging them;  wherever and whenever needed. 

Our suite of tools will allow you to measure usage events, monitor subscription health, and execute all sorts of automations- all to reduce churn.