Getting Started With Saturn Funnels

Here are the 4-Simple Steps you need to get started!

      1. Download, Install and active our WordPress plugin
      2. Register with our app
      3. Use the Quick Start to jump-start
      4. Schedule a Free training and strategy session

For further assistance, you can: 

  • See the videos below; 
  • Ask via our chat widget; 
  • Schedule a training or strategy session.

1. Download, Install, & Activate Plugin

Be sure to save in a safe place.

  1. Download plugin with the above button.
  2. Install the plugin using steps 1-to-4 in the diagram below.
  3. Once installed, activate step 5 below.
Install Plugin

2. Register App with Saturn Funnels

  1. Select Saturn Funnels in the WordPress sidebar.
  2. Select Register
  3. Enter in a valid email and password.

After, you will be automatically logged-in.

3. In App Quick Start Wizard

The quick start wizard will walk you through creating an initial default lead flow. You can change and edit [all you wish] later.

Wizard: Offer A “Lead Magnet”
Wizard: Offer a Free Trial

5. Schedule a FREE training and strategy session!

Our mission is to help you in any way we can because 


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