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Finally! Marketing automation accessible for small software businesses.
Accessible in cost…in execution and ramp up…in ease of use.

I was struggling to integrate TOO MANY marketing and automation tools on my last SaaS…so I built Saturn Funnels… TRY It For Free.

— Greg Bardwell, Founder

What users are saying…

Are you trying and failing to fit your needs into a tool like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Drip, or Sendinblue? How do you send behavior-based emails or sequences to trial users, customers, or a SaaS plan? Are you struggling to get value out of integrating 4 or 5 tools? If so, then Saturn Funnels is for you!


When setting up SaaS product marketing, SaaS founders have had only 2 options for years: 

1. Spend A Fortune

They have spent a fortune on complex tools just to set up their marketing automation. Basically, they have also paid for features that they did not need or are not ready to use yet.

2. Hack Different Tools Together

Is this you? Do you use Google tag manager, 5 SaaS tools, a 3rd-party landing pages, an entirely different email marketing tool...and still do not see the customer journey?

Now, there is SATURN FUNNELS!

What we have is a lifecycle marketing automation platform with unified analytics designed specifically for SaaS products. Definitely, we will be saving your time and money, as well as take away loads of frustrations.

All Your Needs

Marketing Automation

Simplify your marketing stack with all the tools you need to capture leads and design and implement marketing funnels. (Learn More)

Trial Automation

Increase your trial conversion with milestone analysis and email automations triggers based upon actions or non-actions.(Learn More)

Churn Reduction Automation

Monitor the health of your subscribers. Use health-based triggers to engage users with automation sequences to reduce turnover. (Learn More)

What Is Saturn Funnels?

Saturn Funnels is an end-to-end automation platform built specifically for SaaS businesses. 

Being a SaaS founder, stop wasting time and money integrating 4, 5, 10 or more tools.

Saturn Funnels has you covered with:

  • Marketing automation with marketing funnels, email drip, landing pages, CTAs, popups and so much more.
  • Trial and on-boarding milestone tracking and drip automation.
  • Customer retention with user health monitoring and email automation.

Unified analytics to give you a view of lead flow, trial flow, and customer health- all these in one place.

Focus more on building your app and business rather than setting up different tools.

Let’s get started!

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