How to Double Your SaaS Trial Signups

How to double your SaaS trial signup success rate with this workflow and email automations.

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Many people will go through your funnel, unfortunately, not all of them will complete the trial registration.  Thankfully, this article will reveal the “BEST” trial registration flow through trial and onboarding automation. We will answer these important questions and present a remedy, the SaturnOne.io’ way!

  • Why are prospects dropping out even before they complete the trial registration process?
  • How can you address the costly in-app registration process’ changes?

Imaging this scenerio:

A person on a subway hovering through his phone found you through social media and realized that what you are offering him is quite interesting. The person, then, starts to go through your trial registration process, but decides to continue later because he’s just arrived in his station. Too many things happened and he has forgotten to get back to the process. Days after, he has totally forgotten everything about you. Aside from [them] deciding that your SaaS is either not right for them, to long of a process, or no time at all when they visit, many other tiny factors can come into play in not starting a trial.

This is just one of the more than 10,000 scenarios that could happen daily, to any starting SaaS founder.

How to improve the overall success of a SaaS trial registration?

Here are two (2) of the most important SaaS trial sign-up problems that starting SaaS founders should pay attention to and how Saturn Funnels can help make these problems go away, easily.

SaaS trial sign-up problem #1: Prospects are already dropping out even before completing the trial registration.

Yes! It is likely impossible to get 100% of your prospects to complete your trial registration process. Here are a few of the most common circumstances why:

  1. The prospect started your trial sign-up process only by accident.
  2. The prospect is not your target buyer persona.
  3. The prospect thinks the information you are asking from is either too much or unnecessary.
  4. The prospect sees your trial registration process as either extremely difficult or too long to complete.

How will SaturnOne.io make your prospects complete the trial registration? 

Your initial signup will start on your marketing site so that you can more easily use marketing automation to increase your trial signup completion.

Before you ask for a lot of information, or any really, get their email addresses. Remember, the emails will be your direct connection with them. At Saturn Funnels, we have triggered popups during the trial signup to make sure that they will never leave the page even before we have captured their email information.

The “Free Trial” calls-to-action (CTAs) trigger the popup. In the popup, they will input their emails and select one of our three plans to start. That is it! Even our “pricing page” has custom triggers for each of our price plans to present the options they have beforehand. By the way, all these pop-ups have tailored messages, so as not to appear “generic” at any point in their trial sign-up experience.

The “plan” is encoded in a hidden form field and the only thing they need to do is enter their email address.

Remember when we said the emails will be your direct connection with your prospects? This is most especially true in sending follow-up email sequences. The forms below will popup under the trigger “Trial Sign-Up, But Not Initiated” email drip sequence. This is a 28-sequence with 14 emails designed to nudge them to complete registration.

Basically, anywhere on the website, they can register for a plan and/or a trial. Once they enter their email and press the button, their information is instantly captured and they are made a contact in our marketing automation system (SaturnOne.io).

SaaS trial sign-up problem #2: In-app registration proves to be costly, even with tiny changes in the process.

Every single time you want changes in the process, developers have to be involved. Technical founders can actually do the changes themselves, especially when they are knowledgeable about the matter. However, doing it by yourself can cost you so much more than time in testing and deploying the changes alone, than when employing outside help.

How can SaturnOne.io address your in-app registration problem? 

When all are compounded in the early stage- running experiments on channels, messaging, and calls-to-action (CTAs)- you as a starting SaaS founder either never spend or spend excessively on 4-5 tools of coding time and integration. Unsure of the process, by the end of the day, you will still struggle and waste SO MUCH time and thousands of dollars hiring consultants and running high-end systems like HubSpot. 

Moreover, mapping the end-to-end journey from your campaign, traffic-source, content, calls-to-action, and sign up until you achieve your desired activation moment (the “aha moment”) is an entirely big chunk of work in itself. Establishing the connection between your in-app registration to a campaign to page visits as well as emails sent and viewed is another extremely complex process.

Fortunately, you will never have to hire multiple help, thanks to Saturn Funnels. For example, the marketing website, in itself, sends three pieces of information:

  1. The email address;
  2. A plan token, in a hidden form field in this case;
  3. And a “visitorId” value that is unique to website visitor.

The visitorId is turned into a contact which our app stores when registering. A SaaS app using this allows integration with SaturnOne.io API to track the full lifecycle of that user for user journey mapping, automation triggering by in-app actions, and usage and churn reduction automation triggers. With this set of information, our registration completion will just ask for a password to complete the registration process. Once the registration has been completed, we will send either the trial start and end date or the customer start date for the free plan. Any of these are triggers for our in-app automation.

The above image shows one of SaturnOne.io’ trial automation. With automation, you can trigger a 30-Day drip email sequence once registration is complete, at the same time, remove the “Trial Signup, But Not Initiated” drip sequence.

When the trial registration has been completed, you can then monitor trial milestones. When monitoring milestone data is available, you can both measure the activation potential as well as trigger email automation (see image below).

Starting SaaS founders have always felt like the testing forms and pages, sign-up process, and onboarding integration are in a never-ending evolution. While SaaS products are not the same, at least in nature, there is a “perfect” SaaS sign-up process that can increase both your trial registrations and activation (“aha moment”)!

“…the best SaaS companies…see a free trial-to-paid conversion rate of > 25%. Less than 25% and we know we have to work on optimizing for conversions,” said Lincoln Murphy in one of his articles in Sixteen Ventures.

Isn’t this an outstanding benchmark to live by? to get inspiration from? That 25% is a huge deal, however, we’ll have to make sure that we nail the TRIAL REGISTRATION PROCESS, first and foremost.

Read the next article about “SaturnOne.io How-To: Registration & Trial Flow Setup Detailed” to see the step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up your own SaaS Registration & Trial Flow.

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