In-App Events

In-App events are the cornerstone of what makes Saturn Funnels a SaaS focused marketing automation platform. 

These events allow you to track trials, onboarding, app usage, and churn related behavior and connect automations.

The dashboard to track your user’s in-app activity. 

With In-App Events You Can:

Define A Trial "Aha Moment"

The Aha Moment is the point in SaaS onboarding, typically a free trial, where the user sees your value. Thus, is most likely to become a paying subscriber after this point. 

Segment by plans. Select the In-App events and their quantity for the moment.

Track the “Aha-Moments” in your dashboard and use them to trigger email automations.

Behavior-Based Emails

Use Saturn Funnels In-App Events and Trial Automations to Skyrocket Your Conversion to 24+%

Segment email automatons by plans and events. Learn more...

Customize the email automations by in-app events. The time and order will be determined by the actual users, not just a predefined time sequence. Combine times sequences with event drive emails…all seamlessly.

Define A Checklist To Include In Yor App

Easily define an onboarding Checklist that you can include in your app. No need to build event monitoring, event triggers, or an onboarding on your own — focus on your product, not your marketing stack.