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What are drip sequences? How to create a new email drip sequence?

Drip email sequences are a cornerstone of both nurture marketing automation and SaaS onboarding.

From the moment a subscriber shows interest in your free trial, Saturn Funnels initiates the activation phase by sending relevant onboarding emails.

The engagement from our intricate email drip sequence helps your customers realize the unique offering of your SaaS product until it becomes part of their schedule. This is facilitated by our smart lists and drip sequences.

What email sequences can you build?

  • On-Boarding Email Sequences
  • Lead Nurturing Email Sequences
  • Automated Drip Sequences
  • Transactional Emails
  • Webhook Triggers For Your SaaS


Before you can create an email…drip or transactional…you need to create AND validate a send from mail, and you should add am email footer ti minimize emails being tagged as spam.

Select the buttons and we will walk you through ho to do these.

Create a Sequence

To get started you have option to choose a template or create a sequence from an empty one. In either case they are completely editable. The template have some professional designed suggested flows for common SaaS needs.

Table of Contents

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