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We use a very straightforward HTML editor similar to ones you have probably used a 1000 times.

All the formatting and image insertions, emojis, should be pretty straightforward and familiar.

To edit full-screen use the expand button on the toolbar highlighted below.


Please be sure to save your editing…we do not have auto-saving at this time.


All types of email can be personalized…Drip, Broadcast, and Transactional. In the above image, you will notice the {{name}}. This is a replacement field. They can be with the email Subject line or the Body.

If NO value is provided, the replace field is removed from the email.

Replace Fields

Replace field are fields that Saturn Funnels will replace based upon data already included with the contact or values supplied with the API call for transactional emails.

Replace field are defined any text within double curly brackets, {{text}} (see image above).

These replace fields ARE case sensitive.

This can include the contact’s name, or any other ones you define.

Where do the values come from?


Any form they have filed out…the values are stored with the contact.

Any forms values that are not pre-defined by Saturn Funnel (e.g. name) will be added to the contact’s custom parameters list and can be used here.


You can use our API to add custom values to a contact.

Transaction API

The transactional API allows the submission of these fields when called…for special emails.

Table of Contents

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