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In order to send any type of email, you need:

  1. A verified email address
  2. An email footer

Please Note: Our services only allow opt-in emails, no cold emails are allowed.

Verified Email Address(es)

In order to send any type of email, you need a Verified Email Address.

This creates an SPF record… Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation standard that’s designed to prevent email spoofing. Domain owners use SPF to tell email providers which servers are allowed to send email from their domains. SPF is defined in RFC 7208. (We use Amazon SES for mail delivery, which included SPF verification.)

To do this, if not done with the “Action Required…” popup when getting started:

  1. Select the Setup cogs in the upper right
  2. Choose Send From Email menu item
  3. The Enter a from email and name (press Add Email button if not your first one)

An email will be sent to this address, which you need access to to click the “verify” link.

You can have multiple “from” email addresses.
When you create a sequence, transactional email, or broadcast email you can select from multiple if you have them.
Email Setup
For even better deliverability please contact to set up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)  for an email address.

An email footer

An email footer with your address and contact information and address is much less likely to be tagged as SPAM and delivered. A footer is optional but highly recommended.

Use the Email Footer menu option (see above) to add this.

Note: We automatically generate an “unsubscribe” link and append it to the end of the email after the footer.


Table of Contents

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