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Getting Started Checklist

Here are the things you HAVE to do to get started. Then some Should Do’s get more out of Saturn Funnels

Setup Have To-Dos

  1. Install the website marketing javascript snippet
  2. Set up your email
    • From email needed and validated in order to send any emails from Saturn Funnels
    • Email footer is for every email sent and you want to add address and contact information to avoid SPAM filters

Marketing Have To-Dos

  1. Double your Trial Activations. See our blog post here.
    • If you do not already do this, it is the best bang for your efforts. Streamline you signup flow to double your trial activations
    • This has the benefit of capturing and syncing the contact in both your app and Saturn Funnels…for marketing and tracking.
  2. Create an offer…anything to start to capture emails leads to nurture
    • Ideally a lead magnet, such as an educational or how-to ebook
    • Download this article in a PDF offer do convert
    • Newsletter and updates offer…better than nothing
    • Use an inline CTA, or a popup or a landing page to start capturing leads with the offer
  3. Email Drip Sequences. To nurture and educate your leads and trial signups to the next step
  4. Learn about SaaS lead generation strategies, if you do not already

Should Do

  1. Create lead capture assets (offers and a lead form):
  2. Funnels…
  3. Just ask…

A work in progress…

Or just ask with our widget in the lower right…

Table of Contents

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