How To Insert a CTA into a Web Page

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Note: We are in beta, and actively developing. If this is wrong, does not look right, or incomplete, please forgive us and use the lower-right chat and we will answer ASAP.

CTA(s) can be inserted into any web page, template, sidebar, blog post or widget area on your site.

  1. HTML Snippet
    Put a small HTML snippet on a webpage and the CTA will be inserted there.
  2. Via a Funnel
    Adding CTA(s) to a funnel will automatically insert the selected CTA(s) into the page of the funnel…even replacing existing ones manually inserted (via #1 above).

HTML Snippet

On the Calls-To-Action List page, there is a column to copy an HTML snippet to your computer’s clipboard. Simply choose the CTA you wish to insert and click the copy to clipboard icon, see below.

An HTML snippet, like this one below will be put on your clipboard.

<div saturn-cta-embed-id="5dd6bd25071e192148b355db"></div>

Virtually every webpage editor has an HTML option. Use that to past onto a page.

Suggested places:

  • Inline on a blog post
  • Sidebar template, so that is will show on all pages that use it
  • Footer

Via a Funnel

Funnel inserted CTA will replace any existing inserted CTAs. If there is no existing CTAs on a page or post the funnel will automatically insert and space the one(s) selected in the funnel editor. The funnelId parameter in the funnel URL is the key we use to select and insert CTAs. In this way you can use one page or post for many different funnels, delivering highly targeted CTA…either for different channels, ads or just to experiment with messaging.

Just select as many CTAs as you within the funnel editor as you wish in the funnel.

Table of Contents

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