How To Use Your Own Forms

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How To Use Your Own Forms

Saturn Funnels allows you to use your own forms. Many website builders, templates, and themes have their form own styles…therefore to seamlessly blend into your website we piggyback upon these forms.

All forms that us the “submit” event to initiate process will also be processed by Saturn Funnels…on pages where our javascript snippet is installed of course.

When Are New Contact Created

A new contact is created when a form:

  • When the form has an email field named “email“.
    • This triggers contact processing.
  • If this contact already exists, the form info will be added to the contact and its trigger field will be processed (sequences, scoring, tags,…)

Adding Triggers

What do we mean by triggers…in the form processing context?

Triggers are when the form contains fields that can trigger Saturn Funnel events or automations. These include:

  • Add to a drip email sequence (add_sequence field)
  • Remove from a drip email sequence (remove_sequence_id field)
  • Change the contacts Lead Score (lead_change or lead_set fields)
  • Add tags (which could trigger automation events)

These are the built-in fields that are immediately processed.

Add to your form(s):

<input type="hidden" name="add_sequence" value="sequence_id">
<input type="hidden" name="remove_sequence_id" value="sequence_id">

Drip Email Sequences

Find the drip sequences IDs in the Sequence editor under Settings.


<input type="hidden" name="tags" value="tag1,tag2,tag3">

Each tag need to be separated by a comma.

<input type="hidden" name="lead_change" value="1">

The value is added to the contact’s led score. Use the this to increment (value=”positive number” or decrements (value=”negative number”) the lead score.

<input type="hidden" name="lead_set" value="5">

To just set the lead score value of a contact.


The Saturn Funnels visitorId is used to track every website visitors. This is added to each form processed. Note: For popups that are javascript generated or not part of the DOM the visotorId may not be added. visitorId is also added to the page’s cookies so it could be processed from these.

Use the visitorId to link marketing features, automations, registrations to your SaaS app.

This is especially important with linking a for to registration within your app…which you NEED to do! See:


Table of Contents

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