In-App Events

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In-App Events

In-App events are the cornerstone of what makes Saturn Funnels a SaaS focused marketing automation platform. These events allow you to track trials, onboarding, app usage, and churn related behavior and connect automations with them.

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What Type of Events

Events can include:

  • Logging In
  • Setup configuring for Trials & Onboarding
  • Key usage events
    • Things that drive user value
    • Things that measure user value


CRM SaaS App

These are the events that give the user value and when done. Meaning they are more likely to be happy users and paying customers.

  • Contacts added
  • Sales opportunities entered
  • Deals recorded
  • Reports generated

These are set up events…for tracking setup & onboarding…important but not of cove value to the end user

  • Email templates setup
  • Added email account
  • imported contacts
  • Create custom fields
  • Define the sales pipeline process

Saturn Funnels Events

Core value events include:

  • Contact added
  • Drip email sequences defined
  • Funnels created

Setup events include:

  • Javascript marketing snippet installed
  • email setup
  • Plans defined
  • CTAs added…
Table of Contents

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