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How to use transactional emails in your SaaS workflows?

Saturn Funnels offers a simple transactional email solution for your SaaS.

  1. Design the transaction email
  2. Add any optional replace fields to email
  3. Use the API and contact information to trigger sending immediately
  4. Include and replace field in the API call that are no already associated with the contact

1. Design Transaction Email

Simple add a new email and edit it…similar simple interface of the email sequence editor.

2. Replace Fields (Optional)

Replace field are fields that Saturn Funnels will replace based upon data already included with the contact and values supplied with the API call … see below.

Replace field are defined any text within double curly brackets, {{text}} (see image above). They can be with the email Subject line or the Body.

This can include the contact’s name, or any other ones you define.

Any values included with the contact and/ provided with the API call will be placed.

Note: Any forms values that are not pre-defined by Saturn Funnel (e.g. name) will be added to the contact’s custom parameters list and used here.

These replace fields ARE case sensitive.

If NO value is provided, the replace field is removed from the email.

3. Transactional API

The email_id is found in the Transactional email list. Simply click it to copy the string. For more information on using our see our API Docs.

Send Email

Along with the api_keyemail_id, either the email, visitorId or contact _id is needed to identify the contact to send too. The email will be sent immediately.

Optionally, include a replace property with sub-key-value pairs to replace entries in the transactional email.

Ex. the following short-code entries in the email:



Will be replaced with the following key-value pairs:

     replace: {

                     cost: ‘$45’,

                     location: ‘123 Main St.’


JSON Endpoint:


     api_key: string, //  required: found in dashboard

     email_id: string, //  required: found in dashboard for each transactional email 

// one of the following 3 is required

     email: string, // either email, visitorId or contact _id is required

     visitorId: string, // either email, visitorId or contact _id is required

     _id: string // either email, visitorId or contact _id is required

// optional replace fields

     replace: {

          name: value,

         name2: value



Table of Contents

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