What are Popups?

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Note: We are in beta, and actively developing. If this is wrong, does not look right, or incomplete, please forgive us and use the lower-right chat and we will answer ASAP.

When done well popups are perfect parts of a well-designed funnel and lead generation machines…they bring conversions.

Saturn has four (4) basic types of popups with many many design variations possible. These are:

  1. Modals with forms
  2. Modals with destination buttons
  3. Scroll boxes with forms
  4. Scroll boxes with destination buttons

Use the forms to capture leads directly.
Use destinations buttons to drive converting traffic to landing pages designed to provide more information and capture leads.

Modals popup in the center of the screen and require closing to interact with the page again.

Scrollboxes are anchored to the bottom right of the screen and you can still scroll and interact with the page.

Table of Contents

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