Lead Generation & Email Marketing

All the essential lead capture, email marketing tools you need to grow your SaaS.

Form, Popups, Landing Pages, Email, Automations…ALL Included!

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Lead Capture...


Forms are a crucial part of lead generation, nurturing, trial generation, and gathering information. Saturn Funnels has got you covered with our drag-n-drop form editor.

Add forms to any page, in Calls-To-Action, Popups, and Landing Pages.

Or use your own existing forms with no additional work.

Responsive Forms

Forms that are responsive and look good on any device.

Custom Fields

Add any type of field and validation. Have hidden fields, add tags, lead scoring fields, and fields that trigger email drip sequences. All saved and sent where you wish.

Responsive Forms

Design Control

You have complete control over your form fields or use the defaults, which blend in with your site automatically. Style the submit button any way you like and add icons to fields

Popup Forms

Don’t want to take up space on your page but still want to make sure your audience is getting everything they can from you? Try a popup form.


Endless Customization Options

Click Buttons to Demo

  • Round Modal With Form
  • Rounded Lower Left
  • Full Page
  • Floater Right
  • Bottom Big
  • Interesting Modal

Use Pre-Built Templates Or Build From Scratch

SaturnOne has a gridless free-form popup editor. It totally responsive and allows placement based upon device type.  You can have floater popups, modal popups, or full-page popups. You can even shape them. Include forms or buttons to built-in landing pages.

Responsive Landing Pages

A great landing page generates leads, but building one is never easy.

World’s most advanced gridless landing page editor with many templates 

SaturnOne’s biggest goal is to ease your burden by simplifying the task of creating compelling and beautiful landing pages for every marketing campaign.

Email Marketing...

Drip Email Sequences

Drip email sequences are the heart of lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Broadcast Email

Use broadcast email to notify, update, and sell.


Deliver to your new leads their lead magnets.


Super simple email editing. World's BEST full-featured WYSIWYG editor for landing pages and popups.


Create email sequences with spacing between emails

Opt-In & GDPR

Use single, or double opt-in, and GDPR features.

Time Zone Scheduling

Schedule and send email based upon the contact's timezone. Timezone is automatically captured with our lead capture tools