“As a founder and developer of multiple SaaS projects,
I wanted to focus more on our product and not the marketing stack.
That is why I built SaturnOne.io;
for SaaS founders to set their focus solely on their product
because we will take care of the website marketing tools for them.”
Greg Bardwell
Founder, SaturnOne.io

Greg Bardwell, Founder – Saturn SaturnOne.io
(formerly Saturn Funnels)

My name is Greg Bardwell and I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. I love SaaS both as a way to deliver software and as a business model.

15 years ago, I created my first SaaS called MathRealm, long defunct. It was built on ColdFusion and we were known as Application Service Providers (ASP) at the time. It was so much harder back in the days, trust me!

Today, even with a small product as long as you have a highly experienced developer, anyone can whip a SaaS MVP in just a matter of weeks. I did just that earlier this year with bestopenhouseapp.com, which I ran with a friend who is a real estate broker. It took me about 6-weeks, but it was a tremendous amount of work using a lot of the infrastructure from several of my previous projects and products. 

For things work, it took 4 paid apps and several tools, some of which were free. Everything was almost as much work as the app itself; not to mention a completely different skill set which we had to outsource at a substantial cost.

To name a few, we paid for ClickFunnels, Zapier, SendGrid, Intercom, and an expert to setup, stitch, and interpret Google Tag Manager and analytics. It was also growing frustrations by the hour because every change we made broke the funnels. If that was not enough, only our “expert” could use and interpret the analytic or run experiments.

As a technical SaaS founder, the countless hours of effort would have taken me [almost] 10 years in the marketing technology spectrum. And all these was just the minimum needed to market a product and/or service with experiments for test messages, channels, and funnels. 

There has to be an easier way, I told myself, and so SaturnOne.io  (formerly Saturn Funnels) was created!

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