SaaS Content Marketing: Your Go-To Strategy Is Here!

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Boosting revenue and increasing brand awareness in this digital era almost always pertains to strategic content marketing. Those that have a “well-founded” content marketing strategy can attest to the significant website conversion rate growth before they discovered the importance of it.

Facts check:

  • The cost needed to engage in great content marketing is 62 % lower than the marketing we grew up with.
  • Strategic content marketing generates 3 times more leads than traditional marketing like prints and tv ads. 
  • 47% of buyers spend time reading at least 3 educational pieces before reaching out to a salesperson.
  • 90% of consumers think that businesses with great content are trying to build long-term and strong relationships with them.

Most established Software as a service (SaaS) websites these days include a resources section, which aim is to introduce their service through content. The information can be in the form of eBook, blog posts, and how-to videos → the perfect place to start for early stage SaaS businesses.

However, in the middle of this “content hype,” there seemed to be a pattern of compromised quality. Yes! There is an influx of content creation; but, the lack of strategy is apparent. One good thing to remember is that unlike paid channels, content marketing is not a tactic that can be easily shutdown.

It takes time to gain that “momentum,” which means that you should structure a STRATEGIC content marketing plan. It starts out slow, but returns with compound interest over time.

Content Marketing plan without STRATEGY may fail.

Why is strategic content marketing important in SaaS businesses?

Very few SaaS’ today, especially tools or B2B sales, will convert with one website visit or contact. It requires education both in understanding your market’s problem and how your SaaS can solve it for them. So you need content to educate as well as funnels to engage and measure the journies your customers take.  A smart thing to do is to invest in what works.

A typical multi-step education funnel for a SaaS. This funnel can include SEO traffic, ad traffic, content boosting, retargeting, calls-to-action, lead capture forms, landing pages, email lead nurturing, eBook offers, demos to name a few.

Strategic content marketing for SaaS is one of the most important tools to attracting, informing, and converting customers. Its most important element is making [potential] customers see the value of your service through making them understand how the service works, why your service is different from others, and how exactly it can benefit their lives.

Frankly, like traditional marketing, strategic content marketing helps target market learn about your service, usability, and features in a MORE DIRECT, HASSLE-FREE, and COST-EFFECTIVE way. Remember, education is critical in any SaaS marketing plan, which makes content extremely important.

The image above shows how content marketing works- the structure that SaaS companies need to have.

While the diagram looks easy to put into action, the challenge is HOW TO COMMENCE and EXECUTE the plan STRATEGICALLY. Think about how to not take the “obvious” sales pitch towards reaching new customers and how to position your SaaS as part of their research process each time so much so that when a customer decides to invest, your service is their trusted and OBVIOUS choice.

And beyond the fact that it aids you to keep up with competitors in your industry, a strategic content marketing plan delivers a high return of investment for your service. Unlike some other forms of digital marketing, content does not require paying for “space.” For as long as your strategy is well-put-together, it will continue to deliver leads and revenue, even after several years.

What are the benefits of strategic content marketing to SaaS?

Amongst the many benefits, here are the biggest ones:

  • Intensifies website traffic
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Betters brand recognition
  • Improves lead generation
  • Builds long-term relationships with users.
  • Establishes both credibility and authority within (even outside) the industry.
  • Moves forward the purchase decision, quickly.

What content marketing strategies are 100% effective for SaaS businesses?

One of the major goals is for every website visitor to stay connected with the service and eventually become paying customers. Typically, 99% of buyers are unlikely to do the purchase on the first website visit. This trend tells us that strategies are crucial in keeping in touch with the prospects and bring them back for the purchase.

Step 1: Boost on-site SEO.

The importance of strategic content marketing is attributed to search engine optimization, which in simple words is the identification of suitable keywords for your service. SEO keywords don’t have the same weight in terms of generating leads. So, if you wish for a content that converts, these are the two important things that you should do, while doing your keyword research:

  1. Fact-check your competitors:  Offering SaaS comes with competitors and rivals. Take time to fact-check them and learn a keyword or two that is benefiting them a lot. Google AdWords is also a great tool to use to target a particular customer popular in a wider range. Offering them that “missing puzzle” that your competitor failed to deliver is a great advantage.
  2. Perform search-volume analysis: When we talk of search volume, it refers to the frequency of Google search using a particular phrase. You would not want to build content that nobody wants to read. you can use Google Keyword Planner for this.    

Strategy 2: Create articles that are both customer-centered and solution-oriented.

SaaS content should focus on customer intent, whether they are existing customers, new customers, or leads. While the prompt information guides visitors to the buying process, the best way is to customize content according to buyer stage. Here is a visual of the 5 stages of the buyer behavior funnel and how content can be created around it.

5 phases of buyer behavior and how content can be created around it

Step 3: Include infographic content to boost visual appeal.

An infographic is more likely to be read and remembered, in fact 30 times more than an article that is entirely textual. .. And since they will retain the information, it will be your positive navigation towards your SaaS. Without a doubt, your line of communication with them is easier with an end result of them understanding your service and its value more. Infographics are a compelling communication medium that can communicate complex information in an effective manner.

Step 4: Involve customers in the strategy.

Communicate with your existing customers about your service’s new features. When you do, encourage them to try it through presenting the benefits of the feature and not “how well-made” the features are.  Also, provide them the easiest and hassle-free navigation towards the new features.

Step 5: Offer free trials and extensions.

One of the most important SaaS marketing strategies is the free trial and special promo extensions. Both free trials and social offer extensions will provide the service with stronger inbound marketing. It will give your leads enough time to experience the service and purchase it eventually.

Step 6: Open referrals and join networking events.

When you’ve reached your “initial goal” in terms of number of leads, open a referral program. Here your customers can refer the service to people he/she knows in exchange for premium points. The referrals can be a great resource of added potential leads. When this program is well-planned, executed, promoted, and deployed properly, it can boost your sales in no time at all. Networking events, on the other hand, will widen your audience

Step 7: Deliver in-app upgrades.

In-app upgrades work the best with startup SaaS. This kind of upgrade will still allow users to use your service even while upgrades are going-on. It can also be used in user analysis by using the data in narrowing down the applications/features that work with them the best and create content around the topic.

Step 8: Do predictive research.

With the right tools, your SaaS can make sure that customers don’t cancel their subscriptions. With predictive research, you can pin-point reasons why customers unsubscribe. The data will assist you in drafting the next move with the goal of offering solutions for a better user experience. If you understand trending topics and user-demand, you can reduce churn rate and boost sign-ups.

Step 9: Provide payment options.

If your only payment option is a credit card, how about those interested leads who do not want to share information like this? As a marketing strategy, provide several payment options so they can choose, which mode they are the most comfortable with.

Build a strategic content marketing plan!

SaaS businesses need a strategic content marketing plan to have a measurable growth gauge. Without strategies, it will be almost impossible to penetrate the SaaS industry and make actual conversions. These strategies, moreover, are your tools sure-fire tools- a set of smart investments- that will deliver better results by the day.  Again, with the right planning, execution, and tools, YOU CAN DO THIS!

A content marketing strategy IS NOT just a content calendar! It is a plan, with funnels (content, offers, and a path to the next step) to nurture leads down each stage of the journey!

SaturnOne.io can help you with all these and so much more. Learn about how we can make your SaaS business journey easier and hassle-free.

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