SaaS Email Drip Campaigns: Your Guide To Converting Messages

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Email marketing campaigns are used to encourage the “right” audience- those that will respond to your call to action. While it is true that these automated emails can generate more sales opportunity, sending your subscribers emails about topics that don’t interest them won’t make sales progress. 

In fact, 85% of online marketers are not satisfied with how their campaign turned out. For the most part, it is not the “when” to send it, but the “what” to send over and “how” to justify that it will make your subscriber’s life better. 

WPEngine, for example, offered its customers AN ANNUAL PLAN, instead of their regular monthly one. The major problem, however, was in the fact that generally, subscribers want a monthly option. Although incentive was an obvious reward if they choose to get the annual plan, WPEngine executed “value” messages with the goal of educating customers why a yearly plan will be the best decision they will be making, ever.

These “value messages” were delivered through an email drip campaign and IT IS THIS STRATEGY that generated $41.2 million to date.

What is an Email Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign is a set of marketing emails that are automatically sent out on schedule to an audience. This automated sales outreach is TRIGGERED by a specific action that a customer has taken or not taken. 

The most common triggers are:

  • Lead Magnet Nurture Campaigns
  • Welcome 
  • Onboarding 
  • Early activation 
  • Reactivation 
  • Remarketing 
  • Transactional 
  • Account notifications 
  • Personal events 
  • Milestone 
  • Real-time triggers 

Email drip campaigns have proven its worth in converting leads into paying customers and its biggest secret is to present a “value” offer

The “value” idea is to share “FREE INFORMATION” such as a COURSE, chopped into pieces through an automated series of emails; and case studies, introducing one feature every few days or once a week until the “course” is completed. One great thing about email drip campaigns is that you can pull through one “course” after another, which means you do not have to stop this marketing strategy after completing one. 

Why is a MILESTONE-triggered email drip BEST for SaaS?

Since customers do not come at a single wave, it is only understandable that they will be on different customer lifecycle stages. At each stage, customers require specific messages, and this is where MILESTONE emails are needed. This campaign instantly boosts response because they are highly personalized. In fact, its conversion rates have a bigger purchase probability of 13%. Milestone emails are to:

  • Present over and again that your service is of great value; it will make their lives easier. Remind your customers of the value they are getting from you.
  • Improve your chances of them building loyalty to your service by encouraging them to use the product continuously.
  • Increase the chances of word-of-mouth marketing through referrals from your leads.

What are email drip campaign’s BENEFITS?

The main objective, as a short-term goal, is to deliver the needed information, to the right audience at the most perfect time. As a long-term goal, it is to keep leads nurtured, prospects engaged at the same time bring them across to the sales process. Here are the key benefits:

  • Email drip campaigns can serve as the mainline between the subscribers and the SaaS business. Through the campaign, information, anticipation, and excitement can buildup on both sides.  When a lead realizes that he needs the kind of service you are offering, you will be the top pick because you were in regular contact.
  • The emails are some sort of proof that you are actually delivering your promises. When a subscriber signs up, you immediately promise to bring forth a service of great value. And since you kept the promise, trust is almost immediately established too.
  • The campaign is also replicable and scalable. You do not have to create another drip campaign every single time you generate new subscribers.

The Success Statistics of Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns’ major distinction from general promotional ones is the delivery- it is ONE-TO-ONE, unlike the one-to-many. Also known as transactional or behavioral emails, these are extremely powerful in marketing because it is relevant, timely, and presenting usefulness and actual value.  

These triggered emails are fast, affordable, and easy to execute. In 2016 alone, a dollar on drip marketing gets an average Return on Investment of $38, even without constant tremendous efforts. Basically, they are effective because:

  • It can free up time in your calendar.
  • It allows marketers to consistently and effectively respond to subscriber behavior, while attending to other tasks.
  • Automation means your best work is always valued.
  • You can review performance metrics or read marketing messages while drip campaigns are running.

With drip email marketing campaigns, you can achieve 56% click-throughs, 50% open rates of, and 44% conversions and purchases. Since triggered email drip campaigns are behavior-based and scheduled when a customer is anticipating them, they generate superior results.

  • According to Wishpond, Triggered emails are one of the most effective ways to execute email automation. When you use trigger-based emails, you can lessen the quantity of emails being sent, while boosting their impact.
  • MarTec Blog said that incorporating triggered emails will increase customer engagement, their acquisition rate, retention, and even upsell opportunities.

Additional Facts Check:

How to create an email drip campaign?

Drip emails hit 3 important elements in a single shot: timing, message, and person. And there is a bonus to it! You do not have to dwell on making the emails every single day. You can, perhaps, make the campaign in a day or two and forget about them.

Make your first email drip campaign by following these 4 SIMPLE STEPS:

How to make your first drip-email campaign?

Step #1. What is your lead magnet?

Lead magnet is your offer, for example, a free consultation, content piece, or some other valuable experience valuable that will make the user give his or her email address to you. Your choice of lead magnet is essential because it is the instrument that will bring leads to your service. While your lead magnet can be non-tech like an eBook or high-tech like a service tool, what is important is it’s highly compelling. The “free” bait is hugely powerful; however, a content upgrade offer also works its way. Choose a lead magnet that is sure to attract your buyer persona. Remember, first impressions last. You only get one chance to impress them; make your visitors asking for more.

Examples of lead magnets, include:

  • Software Download/Free Trial
  • Guide/Report
  • Cheat Sheet/Handout
  • Toolkit/Resource List
  • Video Training
  • Discount
  • Quiz/Survey
  • Assessment/Test
  • Blind/Sales Material

Step #2. Sync captured leads, segment, and automate systems.

Technology made it possible to bring prospects to the website, get their email address, and start an email drip sequence- all with the goal of luring them to click in the link of one of the emails and eventually buy.  The system can now be fully automated to deliver to the right person the right information at the right time. The service will then identify the lead that is open for more engagement. Web-based applications can be hooked together to design a funnel that engages, analyzes, and gets better leads.

SaturnOne.io is a platform that puts together lead generation, segmentation, as well as automated email drip campaigns and reporting. NO SWEAT! When our systems sync, smart segments are created; pulling leads according to specific criteria or milestones. The milestones can be filled-up form, specific values that the lead has selected, or previously completed actions.

SaturnFunnels’ Trial Milestones

The secret to success is SEGMENTATION. The problem, though, is that data-capture is burdened by the users all while optimizing their user experience (UX). Automating and organizing data-enrichment, however, is a great way to make sure that UX is boosted at the same making sure that the needed data to performance and accuracy are met.

SaturnOne.io’ Automation
SaturnOne.io’ Email Drip Sequence

Step #3. Draft the emails.

You can send two kinds of emails:

1. Text-based emails: The most recommended with making more personal connections for the reason that they will look personally typed.

Text-based Email

2. HTML emails: The most helpful with content-focused contents like infographics, videos, and blog posts. 

HTML Email

Typically, email drip campaigns send one (1) email two days apart, at least, running through 15 days to a month. Again, the idea is to consistently send a message to your audience, so you become familiar with your service. After an email or two, they will now start to expect emails from you. The course duration, on the other hand, is set to give them the idea that they need to take action as soon as possible.  In the case of onboarding or trials, the “NEXT STEP” or action to getting/seeing value.

Caution: Do not make emails to “Ad-like” or “salesy” because it is more likely to be trapped in SPAM filters more and more, even from desired senders. So no overly formatted HTML or offers/CTAs as these are common triggers.

Step #4. Drop the offer clearly.

This sales technique is primarily designed to put emphasis on the “urgency” of purchase and “scarcity” of your service, which most people react with positively in favor of your service.

Make it by following these steps:

  1. Review the benefits that they were able to receive by using your service and the things they missed-out, so far in the UX.
  2. Introduce the offer that comes with all the delights they are to  receive, much more than what they have experienced.
  3. Give them a hard-deadline that highlights “act now or miss out.” It does the trick all the time.
Drop offer Email sample

Drip emails are extremely effective as a marketing tool, requiring only some hours of drafting and setting up. We know that nobody likes to receive non-personal emails, well generally speaking. However, your campaign emails will be different because you are offering value to better your users’ lives. While they are many options to set up the campaign, we recommend MILESTONE-triggered emails because the information the user is receiving is the one THEY NEED EXACTLY AT THAT POINT.

Lastly, never forget to bring “value” in every email to make your offer even better one drip after another.

Want to take out the email drip campaign setup from your list of to-do’s?

Source: dlpng.com

We will get you covered. SaturnOne.io will cover your SaaS lifecycle’s MARKETING, TRIALS, and CHURN statistics. Set an appointment with us HERE and we’ll guide you through every step of the way.

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