SaaS Marketing: How To Ace Lead Generation with Saturn Funnels?

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For this post, we will focus on Lead Generation Marketing. Throughout the article, you will learn about:
  • Overview of SaaS Lead Generation Marketing
  • Common Funnels
  • Experimenting on Channels and Paths
  • Converting to Trial Funnels
  • Measurement

The spiking SaaS popularity is creating thousands of competitors within every industry. So much so that it is becoming extremely difficult for companies to mark themselves apart from their competitors. Adding to that is Cisco’s report about the Global Cloud Index, which revealed that in the next year 2021, barely a year onward, 75% of workflows will be provided as SaaS.

What can you do to stand-out amidst thousands of SaaS companies? How can you penetrate the market without going bankrupt or damaging brain cells?

SaaS marketing can be a thousand-fold more difficult than typical product marketing, owing to the fact that no tangible item is being offered. Simply put, users, know now that a SaaS subscription, be they for business or themselves is an extended commitment…in time and money.  This is exactly the reason why excellent SaaS marketing strategies are needed- to basically convince people and in turn make conversions.

!!! Excellent SaaS marketing strategies- a solution that SaturnOne.io has created for you!!!

There are three (4) types of marketing you need to be constantly working on for your SaaS:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead to Trail Conversion
  3. Trial Conversion (onboarding)
  4. Retention (reducing churn, expansion, keeping happy customers)

For this post, we will focus on Lead Generation Marketing. Throughout the article, you will learn about:

  • Overview of SaaS Lead Generation Marketing
  • Common Funnels
  • Experimenting on Channels and Paths
  • Converting to Trial Funnels
  • Measurement

Overview of SaaS Lead Generation Marketing

The majority of SaaS businesses make use of Content Marketing to generate leads because only a few will agree to recurring payments unless they understand your value. If they do get hold of your SaaS “importance,” you will have the opportunity to deliver the value. Basically, the content will educate visitors, convert them into leads, then leads into trials.

In SaaS, these are the stages of a customer journey, which also corresponds to your content marketing:

  1. Problem/Pain Aware: It helps people discover you mainly by making them aware of the problem they have.
  2. Solution Aware: It helps people understand that there are many possible solutions to their problem.
  3. Product Aware: In their search for a solution, you introduce your company and your product as the “right solution”. Usually, this step is right before they jump into your “trial” offer.
  4. Trial/Onboarding: It is the avenue by which you get the chance of making visitors try your service. It is also in trials that you can impress them with the value of your product/service by solving their problem (1).
  5. Activation: It is here that visitors decide to continue experiencing the solution you are offering them by becoming a paying subscriber.
  6. Retain & Expand: The main goal of this stage of marketing is to continuously make your subscriber see the value of your SaaS; eventually spreading the word that your SaaS indeed is a “problem-solver.”
Customer Journey/Content Marketing Funnel

The first three stages of your customer journey/ SaaS MARKETING journey, as shown above, will have their own funnels with lead capture and nurturing campaigns. Since the variety of these is almost endless, you will need to experiment to find which one best works for you. The corresponding marketing funnels can include SEO traffic, ad traffic, content boosting, retargeting, calls-to-action, lead capture forms, landing pages, email lead nurturing, eBook offers, demos to name a few.

Illustration of a typical SaaS customer journey.

The table below is a list of some of the possible content plans at your early stages.

Content Plan

Remember that at each stage, you need to nurture the leads to get them to the next stage. Nurturing tactics may include search marketing (SEO), retargeting ads, or email campaigns ( in the above diagram). While all these are effective, we recommend email campaigns through segmented drip sequences using marketing automation.

Facts check:

  • DemandGen Report said lead nurturing gets 4-10 times response rate.
  • Lyfe Marketing said that this year 2020, email users will grow to 259 million and that the majority of them will choose to receive updates through emails.
  • Campaign Monitor featured that marketing automation will allow you to keep track of your customers’ behavior; give you information on who opened your email, who visited the links, and what they responded when they landed on your website.


!!!Yes! email is still the most effective method to nurture a lead to get to the next step.

Common Funnels

Every funnel SHOULD be designed to get the person to the next step! And the process requires both educational content and a call-to-action (CTA).

Both the Problem Aware and Solution Aware funnels are educationally focused because the goals at these stages are to establish awareness and trust. When these stages are well-founded, you can later sell your service in the Product Aware stage.

Now all three stages could either take one visit or could take months with a series of blog posts and email nurturing. Remember in these stages, the process is not the same for all as the customer journey is unique for everyone and every product, their place in a funnel, awareness, etc.

A typical content marketing funnel for Problem and Solution Aware will often have something like any/or all of the following:

Typical Content Marketing Funnel
  1. A Facebook ad, which can be used to promote a blog post;
  2. Visitors read your content;
  3. Call-to-action (CTA) message in content (inline or popup);
  4. CTA connects to a website landing page;
  5. The landing page has an offer that can result in a lead or trial signup;
  6. Email drip nurturing sequence to keep visitors engaged or push them to take another action.

Let’s say…

[In the real world] you may have two ad campaigns each on three different ad platforms; let’s say Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. This simple case is a total of six messages.

Each of the platforms will most likely respond to different messaging and copy because the target audiences are [most likely] using each one for a different reason. Also, you may want to test various messaging for the content and lead generation offers on each platform.

SaturnOne.io will enter the scene by linking into your website with a funnel link customizing the page with messaging, offers…the entire funnel built with simple clicks in our SaaS app. Thus, you do not have to create 100-to-1000s of landing pages!!

SaturnOne.io can dynamically insert and change blogs/articles, calls-to-actions (CTAs), and popups. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DEAL WITH A TON OF MANUAL TASKS- We’ve got you!

You will also want to link each funnel to an email drip sequence that nurtures, engages and educates your leads. Just select a drip nurture sequence with a click.

Drip Nurturing Sequences

Definitely, we will make your life easier, while still giving you the freedom to experiment with messaging- creating campaigns and funnels. We will be with you all the way through until your best results. It does not get easier than the tools in SaturnOne.io.

Experimenting on Channels and Paths

You can explore these:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Content Promotion
  • Retargeting Ads

Cold Outreach

  • Email
  • LinkedIn B2B

Converting to Trial Funnels

You should have your initial trial signup on your marketing website. Have it customized according to your page or funnel. Luckily, Saturn Funnels has such tools!

Our most recommended strategy is to have:

  • Triggered popups to capture their email and maybe the plan they wish to have.
  • Add email to a “Trial Sign-Up, but Not Initiated” automation sequence.
    • This captures their email in case they do not complete registration, which is often the case for tools that require any setup. This is most common in people, who discover services and/or products through social channels while on smartphones.
    • When these same people forget, and they will, the “Trial Sign-Up, but Not Initiated” automation sequence will follow-up until they complete registration.
    • Trial automation, then, kicks in.
  • Once the trial registration is completed:
    • Remove from “Trial Sign-Up, but Not Initiated” automation sequence, then do either of the two below:
      • Add to a timed automation sequence for the trial.
      • [Or] Use triggered automation based upon milestones.


It is true, you will want to measure everything.

The expenses that you spend for each customer is one of the most important metrics since it is the basis of your Return of Investment (ROI). Your ROI will be the cost of acquiring a single converting customer through your funnel, also known as your “cost per sale.”

You can use this formula to compute for your ROI:

Divide ALL your marketing funnel expenses by the number of gained customers during the funnel campaign.

Learn about the importance of a marketing funnel in our 52 page eBook! Get it here free.
And yes SaturnOne.io is a tool to help you with this. 
To learn more about our funnels visit here.

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