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The SaaS marketing lifecycle is different from many other products or e-commerce where they may offer many products. Accordingly, the automation you will need will have many unique features.

Major parts of the SaaS lifecycle are free trials or sales demo, onboarding, and reducing churn.  The most effective way of maximizing customer conversion and usage is to understand user behavior and use behavior-based automation to engage at each of these stages. If you do this, you are on your way to improving your product and increasing trial-to-sales conversions and reducing churn- these are core SaaS challenges. 

A good tool will allow you to analyze for the “aha moment” and track and do automations based upon this crucial onboarding/trial moment. And yes, a SaaS marketing automation tool should help with these…they are part of the customer marketing lifecycle.

In-App Event Monitoring

It is crucial to monitor what users are doing in your app. Don’t waste valuable developer time better spent on your product trying to kluge together your own monitoring system. Then you have to link it to your marketing system and reporting tool. Then maintain it…major cost center and management headache!

See in-app events by plan and user type for any date-range within Saturn Funnels.

You can create onboarding checklists, “aha moment” analysis, and marketing automations- all of which are extremely valuable in growing your business.

Increase Trials to Customer Conversion By 25%

You can increase the trial to customer conversion by 25% using behavior-based email automations over simple time-base email sequences. This is HUGE for any SaaS!

No users are going to work on your timeline in a simple time-based onboarding email sequence…the default, assuming you have any. Instead, use behavior email automation. Nurture to complete step 1 (via both hot-to and benefits sequences). Then once this step is completed, nurture to step 2! And tout the usage benefits of step 1 once completed. Do this for the entire onboarding process and conversion will increase as much as 25% for most B2B SaaS’. Events tracking allows you to nurture the user to the crucial “aha moment.”

Analyze For The “Aha Moment”

The “aha moment” is when a user during onboarding or trial achieves or sees enough value to likely become a paying customer. If you are able to track this moment you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing funnels and the customer journey…getting more ROI and customers for your efforts.

Cohort analysis comparing converting versus non-converting trial users.

With this information, you can track the lead flow much better. If you measure it you can improve it.

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