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So why a framework?

As the founder of Saturn Funnels, I talk to SaaS founders constantly. I hear countless stories about how they tried Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and cold email outreach. I’ve asked them “How many trials did you generate?” and “How few or many of them became your customers?”

Of the many reasons why SaaS founders fail to conquer their target audience,  the most common would be the fact that they didn’t know how to “exactly” engage their prospects and educate them in their vision of “providing a solution to their problem.”

My take on this is, while we are catering to a generation that needs everything “instant,” the reality is, no one actually “buys at first sight.”

The SaaS that grows is constantly engaging prospects and capturing leads through email nurturing, retargeting, and lead magnet offers.

— Greg Bardwell, CEO & Founder

During a trial, engagement is still critical. And once they are paying customers, continual engagement and education are necessary to keep them happy and using your tool. You must be in front of prospects and leads when they are ready to move to that next step. Fail to do this and your competitors are ready to take the lead at any given time.

This is where AUTOMATED ENGAGEMENT- both timed and behavior-based are critical.

Yes! It seems like a lot when you are starting, but you can start small and build your processes over time for every step of your customer’s journey.  Marketing automation can make it easy and possible for you.

I’ll show you the difference between failure and success…real examples from real SaaSes

Company A:

Drives 100 people into a trial with Facebook ads. Sounds great, no doubt! But only 10 people did “something” and only three logged in more than once. Zero were converted to customers, but they spent $1,778. Again, Zero return on investment (ROI). What could have gone wrong? Well, none of their trials were engaged. Prospects felt like they were not ready because there was no “education.” Overall, they were not comfortable and did not trust the company.

Company B:

With targeted Facebook ads, they generated 100 leads with a lead magnet where they capture their email. Then over the next six months these leads were nurtured with email marketing automation to educate and generate trust. Ultimately, 25 of those 100 went into free trials and 10 became paying customers. This same company also retargeted all the visitors and generated more leads driving down their overall cost of customer acquisition. Spending $2,000 in total and getting 20 customers. Definitely, a great ROI for most SaaS businesses.

In my years of working with SaaS founders, I hear Company A’s story week after week. Their most common denominator is they have no clear process on how to capture and nurture leads. Company B, on the other hand, is using a marketing automation platform and process to generate lead flow and trial flow to make happy users. They generated interest on their investment over time with better customer understanding (analytics) and more customers for less cost.

To truly systematically grow your SaaS, you have to have a framework to generate lead and customer flow and use marketing automation to capture, measure, and nurture your leads, trials, and customers. Be with them in their entire customer journey.

Here to help,