Email Marketing Automation For SaaS Companies

Better lead flow and conversion rates with lead generation tools, email marketing, and automations.

Finally! SaaS email marketing automation specifically for your unique customer journey.

Use Marketing Automation to...

Grow Your SaaS Consistantly

More Than Email … SaturnOne has SaaS-specific tools, templates, and processes to help you grow faster…

Lead Gen & Email


Analytics & Automations


SaaS Lifecycle Tools


Why Marketing Automation? includes all the tools you need to generate and capture SaaS leads. Then nurture and educate them to becoming loyal customers.

We offer analytics to help you understand where your leads and customers are coming from.

We include in-app event monitoring and triggers to convert more trials into customers.

Our mission is to provide you the tools and automated processes to help you get the flywheel of lead generation, trials, onboarding, and customer success up and running!

We were struggling to integrate 5-tool with APIs and Zapier and we still could not see our customer journeys nor could we do behavior behavior-based marketing. There was HubsSpot or Marketo, but these required a major upfront investment and custimization (read lockin and much more upfront investment) to get what we needed.

This is why I founded Saturn…to give small software and services companies all they need without the 1000 things they do not at an affordable price and implementation accessible.

— Greg Bardwell, Founder & CEO

With our step-by-step, easy-to-follow tool stack and automation processes, you can now scale as you grow. We will not only give you the tools but the processes and templates, as well. 

Build your SaaS customer acquisition flywheel!

Event Monitoring

Monitor important events within your software for analysis and automations.


Monitor your trial and onboarding flows. Built-in automations for “aha moment”.

Aha Moment Tools

Use events and cohort analysis to compare trials that convert to ones that do not.

SaaS Automations

Use events, behaviors, and the “aha moment” to trigger automations.

Lead, Trial, Subscriber

Monitor your customer flow from a lead.

SaaSy Features

Use plans to define checklists or “aha moments” for your app, and more…

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